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    Photographers inspiring other Photographers...

    September 27, 2011

    In the last few months I have been following the work of another photographer. Yes, it seems like us photographers love to do that. I have never met her in person, but our lives have crossed and I'm glad they did. Her husband like mine, is a Soldier in the US Army.  Which is how we "Facebook" met- There is nothing like the Military that can bring total strangers together!

    I have grown to be really fond of not only her work(the images that I see) but the organizations that she is founded.  With her permission I asked if I could share them with y'all.

    So who is the Photographer? Well her name is Jessica, and she is the owner of Jessica Oatman Photography. Please check out her website!! Or on Facebook Jessica Oatman Photography

    But more importantly I wanted to share her organizations because she has a couple wonderful ones-

    The first is really dear to my heart because I'm surrounded by military, well I am a Army Wife and all. Its called Picture the fallen in Honor of her Brother who was KIA. Since not all of us can go to Arlington National Cemetery and see the headstones of loved ones that have been KIA- this is her way of creating a piece of art that can be presented to Gold Star Families. On Facebook Picture the fallen.

    Secondly, As a Mom I know that my kids mean the world to me. When are children are born we of course want them to be healthy, but sometimes this isn't always the case. We all know someone that has been affected by illness and cancer. She has had this first hand and has turned it into another great organization called Images of Hope in honor of her son who was diagnosed with leukemia. Images of Hope is a non profit organization that provides photo sessions to families of children dealing with cancer or life threatening illnesses. Also on Facebook Images of Hope

    Please take a few minutes to view her work, what she stands for and the happiness that she brings others. Im sure you will become as fond of her work as I am!

    One of the great pleasures of being a photographer is that we can capture simple moments that grasp our hearts and bring us memories to hold onto even after the moment is gone.

    Take time to capture some of those simple moments with your family!

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