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    Re-Enlistment l Fort Jackson SC

    April 29, 2012

    This isn't really photography related, but of course as a photographer my life is documented in photos. A few weeks ago my husband re-enlisted to spend another 4 years in the US Army. He is currently a Drill Sgt to soldiers who are going through basic. The first step to their Army careers and life of a soldier.

    The choice to Re-enlist you think would come easy. Especially to someone who has always wanted to be a soldier and takes great pride in what he does. But it wasn't as easy as one might think. Of course when he was a single soldier he may have not thought twice about the decision, but now with a wife and two little ones he had alot more to think about. After about 3 months of tears(on my part and some of our closest family) and encouraging words from our "Army Family" (even ones we haven't meet)- we made choice to stay in. We know that this will be the best for our family. Knowing our time here in South Carolina is almost over, we are excited to continue our journey.

    Next Stop- Fort Carson Colorado early next year!

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