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    Before You Go l McEntire JNGB l SC Military Photographer

    June 5, 2012

    Loving a Soldier isn't easy and most dont understand.
    They wonder how we can pack up and move across the country, leaving our family, friends and sometimes our dreams.
    There are many lonely nights. Time spent waiting for a phone call that might never come or a web chat cut short. We are often afraid to turn on the news...

    They have heard of deployment but still dont understand. And often we get asked- will your soldier be home for Christmas, the birth of a child or a HS graduation? As a piece of our heart sinks...

    Yet, we proudly wear that red shirt every Friday- Hold our chin up high when we hear the national anthem- Smile at someone in uniform or shake their hand and thank them for serving.

    Its not easy loving a Soldier- But we do it anyway.
    -We are the Silent Ranks-

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