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    Meet Bridie l Military Spouse- Professional Photographer l Columbia, SC

    October 8, 2012

      Bridie is a perfect example of how the military can bring friends together! We didn't know each other but spent many months chatting through email about Photography, Columbia and Military life. Finally a mutual friend sent me an invite to Bridie's baby shower, normally I wouldn't attend something for a random person but I knew I had to go, I mean- We had become pretty good friends at this point.

    Since then many more emails have been exchanged, Phone calls that have been interrupted by kids being kids, and yes even more meet us... She is truly a great friend! And the best part every time I see a session she has done I'm amazing in how much she has grown with each one as an artist. 
    For those who are stationed at Fort Jackson, live in the Midlands of South Carolina or just want to check out her- Here it is 

    I was lucky enough to have her capture a few of me before we pcs
    Here are a couple that I love!

    Photo Credit Gypsy Photography
     This may not be the first time you have seen Bridie on my blog, I was lucky enough to capture a few of her before her littlest was born!

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