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    Grateful Photographer l Encouragement l Colorado Springs, CO Photographer

    November 27, 2012

    Photographing this family again this year has special meaning. As many of you are aware my husband is in the Army and our time in Columbia is running out.

     Mrs. A was the first person I met here in SC.  Day two after being here she showed us house after house and ending up being the one to sell us our first home. She played a big role in our family in the last few years.

    -Forever Grateful-
    She was a lot of the encouragement behind opening a photography business.
    Having a person that wasn't family giving you the faith that
    "You Can Do It" 
    Is really what I needed to take this big step. 

    I will be forever grateful!

    One Response to “Grateful Photographer l Encouragement l Colorado Springs, CO Photographer”

    1. Way to make a girl cry! You've been such a blessing in my life too, Jawnie! I hate that you're moving away, but I'm excited that hopefully it'll be a happy place for you and your sweet family. Every time I see you post an image it only makes it clearer that you're beyond talented. If I had some impact as far as encouraging you, then that thrills me to no end! I look forward to lots of emails, Facebook messaging, Skyping and experiencing CO through your talent!

      Love ya,