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    Jacob & Danielle l Olympia, WA Engagement l Colorado Springs Photographer

    February 3, 2013

    Meet Jacob & Danielle-

    They are the sweetest couple! The way they looked into each others eyes and their laughs- You could just tell they were meant for one another. We spent our morning in Downtown Olympia. The port, the farmers market and the Bro Ho made for perfect locations for our shoot. Don't you think?!

    I got to meet Jacob and Danielle over the Holidays. They are friends with my niece- Kenzie who as in on this big secret proposal that Jacob had been working on. I had been hearing about it for about two weeks.. It was to take place Christmas night (which was freezing by the way)  at Zoo Lights. They had been scouting locations and making a plan to make sure everything was perfect for the special night- I can't think of anything more magical then the twinkling night lights on Christmas!

    I know how hard photographing in the dark is, especially when you are trying to be top secret about it. I mean, why would your friends be following behind you or hiding in the bushes!? So I offered to take them out the next weekend and capture their engagement for them. Minus the flu and the rain, we made it happen- And it was AMAZING!

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