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    June 4, 2013

    Have you met my super awesome photographer friend Amy O'Neal?
    Well if not, that is her in the blue! 
    Check out her work - Amy O'Neal Photography

     So I heard that she was wanting to get more into Videography, I knew she would be perfect for doing my promo video for Jawnie Holsker Photography.

    I tend to be a shy person, so having a friend be the one to do it made me feel alot more comfortable.
    (You will see with all the laughing!)


    This is a new venture for her, so out of curiosity I asked how she got started-
    I've always been interested in video! For years I had a HD flip with me everywhere I went, and I videoed EVERYTHING! I just loved it so much, but never really considered doing as a job! I've been doing photography for a few years now and love it, and when I found out my DSLR has video capabilities and I fell COMPLETELY in love!! I mostly did videos of my family at first, but I really want to dive into it as a career. It really brings out my creative side! I stay up nights thinking of different fun ideas! I'm still new to the world of videography, but I'm so excited to grow and learn everything there is to learn in video!


    So here it is! Check it out!

    Here some of the photos of the beautiful Vanessa who you saw in the video.
    Isn't she Gorgeous!?

    She was such a sport putting up with us that chilly evening! But it was worth it!

    Turkey Creek Ranch, CO

    Turkey Creek Ranch, CO

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