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    Dreams & Fairytale Workshop // A Photographer's Dream Comes True

    July 8, 2014

    Have you ever wanted something so bad you dream about it?!

    In May the kids and I packed up and headed to Nashville, TN to visit family while the kids were out on summer break. I had mentioned to my Mother in Law about this workshop that was happening in Kentucky with one of my favorite photographers ever! Kristen Booth Photography,  I visit her blog and facebook often. Her work is just as she describes- Fairytale! And the connection she capture between her clients makes me want to move to Cali just to have her photography my husband and I every anniversary!

    I hadn't quite pulled the trigger on the workshop. Although I wanted to badly, I also wanted to spend a weekend with my kids and family sight seeing. 

    And that is where the dream started. The week of the workshop I had a dream that someone was giving a way a seat. That morning I was browsing Facebook and Instagram and there it was!  Two Belle's & A Bride was giving a way an amazing opportunity to see not only Kristen Booth but Lukas and Suzy Vandyke, amazing talented and knowledgeable photographers! As strange as it was right- I knew I had to enter! 

    Well to my excitement my name was drawn! I was so super excited!

    I drove the 3 hours from Nashville to the McGee House in Lexington, Ky. It was the most beautiful drive. 

    And the Magic began!

    My goal this year was to take a few workshops. I'm honored to have had this opportunity to learn from some of the best! What we learned was invaluable and will be incorporating into my personal life and business. Thank you all again!

    Dreams really do come true!

    Photo Credit: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke

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