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    Sun-Kissed Sunset & Sunflowers // Outdoor Boudoir // Colorado Springs, CO & Nashville, TN

    September 2, 2014

    Its been forever since I blogged and I have a lot of catching up to do. First is the amazing outdoor boudoir session. 

    Meet the Beautiful Mrs. R, I have to say-she is just stunning!

    It only took us a few months to actually be able to do it because of  schedules and the crazy weather we have had recently in Colorado. I will have to say, the session was well worth the wait!

     I had been telling her about all the amazing sunflowers at my favorite location(recalling from the previous year). We got out there and we didn't see any, seriously I was in shock! Last year there were rolling hills of amazing flowers. We walked around and found the smallest patch and we didn't leave that spot.

    Between my beautiful client, sun kissed sunset and the most gorgeous yellow flowers-
    This has to be one of my favorite boudoir sessions.

    Here is a little B&A from our session. 
    Shout out my Amazing Hair and Makeup Artist Rachael Scapardine. 
    If you are in Colorado Springs, she is def the go to girl!

    Interested in booking or want more info?

    Jawnie Holsker Photography
    Colorado Springs & Nashville, TN Boudoir Photographer
    Serving Colorado Springs, CO  // Fort Carson, CO & Surrounding Areas
    Relocating to Nashville, TN - Winter 2014

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