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    Personal Recap // Enjoying the little things

    December 29, 2015

    Its been to quiet around here for sure!

    I relocated to Nashville at the beginning of 2015 to stay with family while my husband was set to deploy for his 3rd tour, which I knew would be the best choice for us. I had hopes of starting up my business and running full force. But, after coming home from my first session I returned to kids sitting on the door steps crying holding a picture of me and my husband saying they missed us and waiting for my return.

    As much as I wanted to dive right in getting things going with JHP in Nashville...
    My heart sank-  My kids needed me more now than any other time.

    I decided to put JHP on the back burner, joining a wonderful church, moms group, making new friends and volunteering at their school.
    But the most important thing, what we all needed was being their mom and being present for them.

    It wasn't easy to let go of my business,  It was my passion - I had put so much time, energy and love into making it grow. I had meet some amazing people, made great friends and really made me feel happy and provided so many with beautiful memories.


    In Nov. My hubs returned home.
    Our hearts were filled with so much joy. Our family is once again complete.

    Here are a few personal photos since his return

    Thank you for your continued support and following over the course of this year.

    Happy Holidays and Many Blessing in the New Year!

    With Love,
    Jawnie & Family

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