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    Hello New York // Fort Drum Portrait Photographer

    November 8, 2018

    Well things have bee quite around here for some time! What have we been up to lately? Well lots, of course!

    The last two years have been an adventure. We moved back to our house in SC, we fostered our Niece and Nephews, took on a full time volunteer position at my kiddos school as the PTA Vice President, fixed up our house to sell and now full timing RV living while we finish up our time in SC. Talk about a lot on our plates.

    I knew SC would be a down season for us. It would be a time for our family. There would be no training cycle for the hubs, no deployments, no super long hours away from us. We took this time to just enjoy our family. It was something I regretted in 2014 as we were prepping for Lee's next deployment. That we were giving all of our time to others and not to our marriage and our family.

    But I have also found that I truly miss Photography. I miss meeting people, learning their stories, photographing their personality and beauty, seeing the love that people have for each other and their families.

    It's something that fires my soul.

    I may not be taking sessions to the capacity I once did, but I am excited to break out of my box and start taking sessions again in 2019.

    Hello- NY! I am looking forward to seeing your beauty!

    Interested in booking or want more info?

    Jawnie Holsker Photography
    Couple's & High School Senior Portrait Photographer
    Serving Watertown, NY  // Fort Drum, NY & Surrounding Areas
    Relocating to Upstate, NY - January 2019

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